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From a wide range of academic and STEAM courses, weekly swimming lessons, and regular field trips, Horizons students engage in year-round valuable learning and fun! Learn More
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With your help, we can change the
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The Challenge
Children from under-resourced families face opportunity gaps that begin at a very young age and persist, often through adulthood. Help us close the gap

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We Believe in the Promise of
Opportunity for All Children

The Problem The Problem Inequities in access to technology, the arts, regular exercise, and healthy food result in gaps in vocabulary, academic and social/emotional skills, creativity, and health that have a profound impact on student achievement, engagement, and individual life success.
The Opportunity The Opportunity Horizons’ tuition-free, Pre-K-8 program hosted at Francis Parker School, provides under-served students a year-round program including a 6-week intensive session with outside of school connections that help close learning gaps, teach lifelong skills, and build needed support systems.
The Results The Results Increased school attendance. Improved self-esteem. Better grades. A love of learning. And endless possibilities.
97% HORIZONS HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS GRADUATE Our program helps spark a lifelong love for learning, and builds a robust support system for students.
91% HORIZONS GRADUATES GO ON TO ATTEND COLLEGE or some form of post-secondary education.
84% HORIZONS STUDENTS AND TEACHERS RETURN EVERY YEAR providing an unparalleled level of stability and ongoing support.